Govt will not legalise cannabis, says PM Muhyiddin

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today that the public power will keep up its current situation on cannabis and all prescription related substances as maintained by the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.


He said these substances had clearly accomplished a great deal of wickedness to society, this notwithstanding the 63rd Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs held in Vienna a year back fair to drop cannabis and cannabis gum from its Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961.

The public authority has targetted ‘Controlled Substances 2025’as a five-year plan as per the destinations of the National Drug Policy. This complete and sweeping game plan hopes to get ready undertakings between the public zone, the private zone and regular society relationship towards without drug organizations.

Among its essential objections are to clean 155 high-danger areas from one side of the country to the next, stretch out treatment consideration to extend the recovery speed of drug addicts, brace neighborhood similarly as set up the huge associations and NGOs in having a tendency to sedate issues.Muhyiddin said this in his area identified with National Anti-Drugs Day, recognized yearly on Feb 19, broadcast by methods for TV spaces around night time.

He said effectively, various targets had been set, for instance, Zero Drugs’ and ‘Medicine Free Malaysia 2015’ with a ultimate objective to address the prescription danger which continues being the country’s fundamental enemy since 1983.

The public authority is in like manner committed to continuing to demolish the dependence on medications with the objective that it is controlled and can be checked in an organized manner. The issue of prescription abuse is a complex overall issue and difficult to be completely contained due to changing examples and the ascent of new sorts of drugs in the overall market, he said.He in like manner said that the National Anti-Drug Agency was developing an adversary of prescription record as a technique for assessing reasonability to the extent approval.

Towards this end, Muhyiddin addressed people to be settled in expecting a section through thought activities and social sincerely strong organization by neighborhood to set up a safe and drug free environment.

He said youth projects should similarly be composed with a complement on pieces of character headway and character, adding that enlightening and exacting foundations were the amazing best center individuals to instruct and give care on the dangers of illegal medication use.

I may similarly need to invite you to check out volunteer activities under the Anti-Drug Squad which goes probably as an influencer locally. The prescription expectation ventures can help reestablish individuals drew in with constant medication use,” he said.

Muhyiddin moreover moved toward Malaysians to accept a section in ensuring that improvements in the transport of treatment and recuperation organizations are totally utilized.

For example, if any individual or relative is found to be locked in with drug abuse, tries should be made for them to go to the Narcotics Addiction Rehabilitation Center (PUSPEN) in Sungai Besi to get fitting treatment in vain.

The assistance of family, buddies and the close by neighborhood crucial. It is significant for the accomplishment of the treatment and recuperation pattern of those related with drug abuse.

The leader believed that the current year’s National Anti-Drug Day, themed ‘Expectation Is Better’ will give a sensible message that the issue of medicine abuse can be thwarted before with the investment, things being what they are.

Permit us to collaborate and strengthen our affirmation with a ultimate objective to make a zero-drug society so the achievement and thriving of people can be participated in together.

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